The Resource Old Illinois houses, by John Drury

Old Illinois houses, by John Drury

Old Illinois houses
Old Illinois houses
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by John Drury
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no. 51
Old Illinois houses, by John Drury
Old Illinois houses, by John Drury
"The contents of this book appeared originally as a series of weekly articles in the Chicago daily news, starting in 1941."
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  • Part I. Southern Illinois. Oldest Illinois House: Jean Baptiste Saucier home, Cahokia -- French colonial architecture: the Creole house, Prairie du Rocher -- Territorial landmark: Pierre Ménard house, Kaskaskia -- Illinois' oldest brick house: Nicholas Jarrot mansion, Cahokia -- On the Ohio: John Marshall house, Shawneetown -- Survivor of English prairie: Gibson Harris house, Albion -- In the Georgian manner: George French house, Albion -- "Old Ranger" lived here: Governor Reynolds house, Belleville -- It was Unionville then: William B. Collins house, Collinsville -- "Living museum": John M. Robinson house, Carmi -- The Captain's mansion: Benjamin Godfrey residence, Equality -- Home of the quadroon girl: Basil Silkwood house, Mulkeytown -- Birthplace of the great commoner: Charles A. Galigher house, Cairo --
  • Part II. Central Illinois. English architecture: James Hobson house, near Carrollton -- A pioneer editor's home: John Russell house, near Eldred -- "Walnut Hall": Henry T. Rainey house, Carrollton -- Only a few left: James Rennels cabin, Charleston -- A famous stepmother lived here: Sarah Lincoln house, near Charleston -- Birthplace of a journalist: Melville E. Stone house, Hudson -- His father was famous, too: Elbert Hubbard house, Hudson -- Home of a city founder: Jesse Fell house, Normal -- A literary shrine: Richard Hovey house, Normal -- Victorian mansion: Joseph W. Fifer house, Bloomington -- A vice-president lived here: Adlai E. Stevenson house, Bloomington -- Home of a Supreme Court justice: David Davis house, Bloomington -- Mansion in a cornfield: William R. Duncan house, near Towanda -- Quincy museum: John Wood house, Quincy -- A cabinet member lived here: Orville Hickman Browning house, Quincy -- Candlelight and crinoline: Joseph Duncan house, Jacksonville -- Cradle of modern dentistry: Dr. Greene Vardiman Black house, Jacksonville -- House of art: Julius E. Strawn home, Jacksonville -- A famous balcony: Dr. William Fithian house, Danville -- Lincoln sipped here: Reason Hooten house, Danville -- Here lived "Uncle Joe": Joseph G. Cannon house, Danville -- The "Mansion house": Joseph Smith home, Nauvoo -- In a French communist utopia: Icarian apartment house, Nauvoo -- On Lake Peoria: John Reynolds house, Peoria -- The New Orleans influence: Christopher C. Sturtevant house, Beardstown -- Adobe construction: Andrew Cunningham house, near Virginia -- Hudson River gothic: Albert B. Austin house, Paris -- A world shrine: Abraham Lincoln house, Springfield -- Official home of Illinois governors: The Executive Mansion, Springfield -- Art museum and social center: Benjamin S. Edwards house, Springfield -- Home of a poet: Vachel Lindsay house, Springfield -- Fancy Creek farmhouse: George Power home, Cantrall -- In the Spoon River country: Newton Walker house, Lewistown -- A poet's boyhood home: Edgar Lee Masters house, Petersburg -- Where Lincoln and Douglas agreed: Francis E. Bryant house, Bement -- On the University of Illinois campus: Herbert W. Mumford house, Urbana -- Decatur Art Institute: James Millikin house, Decatur --
  • Part III. Northern Illinois. On an island in the Mississippi: George Davenport house, Rock Island -- Cabin on the Rock River: Alexander Charters house, Dixon -- Literary settlement: Jonathan Kennicott house, Kennicott's Grove -- Early communistic community: Bishop Hill Colony house, Bishop Hill -- Birthplace of a sculptor: Lorado Taft house, Elmwood -- Classical masterpiece: John H. Swartout house, Waukegan -- When Lincoln visited Evanston: Julius White house, Evanston -- "Rest cottage": Frances E. Willard house, Evanston -- Northwest Territory museum: Charles G. Dawes house, Evanston -- "Craigie Lea": Andrew MacLeish house, Glencoe -- Underground station: Owen Lovejoy house, Princeton -- Home of a poet's brother: John H. Bryant house, Princeton -- "Keepsake cottage": Herma Clark house, Princeton -- Home of an abolitionist leader: John Hossack house, Ottawa -- On the North bluff: W.H.L. Wallace house, Ottawa -- Library in a mansion: William Reddick house, Ottawa -- Queen Anne style mansion: John D. Caton house, Ottawa -- Above the river: Edward C. Hegeler house, La Salle -- Historical museum: William A. Tanner house, Aurora -- Workman's cottage: Carl Sandburg house, Galesburg -- Eccentric inventor's home: Fred Francis house, Kewanee -- The octagon mode: Warren Clark house, Mendota -- In a picturesque community: John Deere house, Grand Detour -- Amid unusual rural beauty: Jane Addams house, Cedarville -- Abode of a statesman: Elihu B. Washburne house, Galena -- A gift from the people: Ulysses S. Grant house, Galena -- "The Larches": Allan Pinkerton house, near Onarga -- Swiss cottage: Robert H. Tinker house, Rockford -- "Indian terrace": Goodyear Asa Sanford house, Rockford -- Fox River French chateau: Mark Dunham house, Wayne -- Birthplace of a novelist: Ernest Hemingway house, Oak Park -- "Ganymede": Wallace Heckman house, near Oregon -- In Lilacia Park: William R. Plum house, Lombard -- Architectural landmark: Frank Lloyd Wright house, Oak Park
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